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Record Invest

r   e   a   l          e   s   t   a   t   e

Welcome to our site!

We are glad to greet You on our site. Here you can find the most full and current information about real estate objects we have. We will be delighted to help you in searching of the most profitable variant of Your investments.


Central office

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 22-24
Phone: Fax: (812) 571 36 86 (921) 964 44 94 (921) 951 91 70

About us

"RECORD-INVEST" was built 15 years ago and at the moment it is stable and dynamically developing part of Saint-Petersburg business elite. It is very significant for our company to our clients be satisfied with their choice. We specialize in buying/selling of residential, commercial and foreign real estate, either for individual purposes or for investment business projects.

The main directions of the company and its principals:

  • available variants of real estate in Saint-Petersburg; 
  • consulting in investment strategy;
  • full support during real estate purchase; 
  • confidentiality, individual approach and professionalism; 
  • individual search of a certain object according to Your interests; 
  • preparation of investment proposal of the most liquid objects; 
  • evaluation of investment profitability in a certain real estate object; 
  • full transaction support: guarantees, safety, efficiency;

Success accompanies to one who press towards it…