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Record Invest

r   e   a   l          e   s   t   a   t   e

Welcome to our site!

We are glad to greet You on our site. Here you can find the most full and current information about real estate objects we have. We will be delighted to help you in searching of the most profitable variant of Your investments.


Central office

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 22-24
Phone: Fax: (812) 571 36 86 (921) 964 44 94 (921) 951 91 70


For any commercial use

Address: 43, Kamennoostrovsky prospect

3 min. from metro station

Area: 102 sq.m.

Perspective object

Address: on the cross of Bukharestskaya and Turku streets

First floor

Area: 180 sq.m.

For any commercial use

Address: 47, Kamennoostrovsky prospect

Functioning restaurant, 5 min. from metro station

Area: 185 sq.m.

Outstanding offer

Address: 22-24, Nevsky prospect, Saint-Petersburg

Show-windows, 2nd floor, in a 5 min. way from Nevsky pr. metro st.

Area: 15 sq.m.


Sale of luxury apartments

Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Tapestry, 42
Price: 29 500 000 rub.

Species elite apartment on the 8th floor of a 9-storey building, guarded front door .

The apartment is fixed 2 parking spaces - are included in the price of the apartment.

Area: 114 sq. m.